Saturday, March 29 -- Revisited

I tried out my brand new ‘’ list during the Spring 2007 semester []. I was initially intrigued by the ability to have online access to my coveted bookmarked sites via any Internet-connected computer. In addition, I could have access to other lists via the tags that are used to categorize (or bundle) various groups of posts.

Now, my undergraduate students are required to have a list as an assignment. In the Fall 2007 semester, the pre-service teachers taking the required “Integrating Technology” course were required to have a ‘’ list with 35 posts, a network of 3, notes on all posts and bundles. Below are a few of the more engaging and interesting lists from that semester – several of which are still being used and updated.

Fall ‘07

For the Spring 2008 semester, the pre-service teachers enrolled in the required ‘Integrating Technology’ course were tasked to produce 50 posts in addition to networking with 3 to 5 others and organizing the posts with appropriate tags and bundles.

The course for ‘Integrating Technology,’ entitled Education 451: Audio/Video Education, is a required course for elementary and secondary perspective teachers within the School of Education. The educational value for these beginning teachers spans several areas: information, communication, connection and collaboration. users can gather information about a specific topic and keep the links in one place. For group projects, learners can communicate, connect and collaborate using the links in several ways, such as subscribing to each others’ lists. The beauty of connecting and gathering information is that one can access other lists to expand the area of research and fact gathering.

It’s a wonderful tool [] that can be used for a wonderful classroom activity and course requirement.

Spring ‘08 (categorized posts in bundles according to courses)

There are many possibilities in which a '' list assignment can be included into the pre-service curricula.