Thursday, January 22

Web Conferencing Tools

I have decided to place all of the web conferencing sites on one page so that I can access them more easily. I have already tried: Skype, Elluminate, Yugma, Tokbox, and DimDim.

1. Abode Connect (formerly Macromedia Breeze)

4. Skype
5. Flashmeetings
6. Elluminate
7. Wimba
8. GoToMeeting
9. ePath Learning Live
10. Oovoo
11. Vyew
12. Unyte
13. VMukt
14. Paltalk
15. Meebo
16. Yugma
17. Tokbox
18. MeBeam
19. Dimdim
20. Webex

Sunday, January 11

IT on Kosrae

My article about integrating technology into the curriculum with teachers on Kosrae has been published:

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

Here is a presentation about the integration technology research that was created for PDK (Phi Delta Kappa, an education service organization) for one of the research workshops.

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by jcyrus

Thursday, January 1

General Firefox Tips

Here are some general tips for using the current version of the web browser, Firefox. There is bound to be at least one tip that will be new to you.