Wednesday, July 9

In-service Teachers — ePortfolios

Rising Education Stars

Graduate students this summer semester (2014) in the MAT program (Master's of Art in Teaching) submitted excellent ePortfolios as examples of their final assignment for ED 609 (Technology Applications for Educators). These students are nearing the end of their School of Education curriculum at the University of Guam. View some of the excellent examples from our newest crop of secondary teachers currently employed within the Guam Department of Education.


  • EM   (Math)
  • Gavin   (English, ESL and Math)
  • John   (English)
  • Raisa   (English)
  • Aries    (Art in Numbers)
  •  Domingo    (Science)

Wednesday, May 16

LA College Moves to Live@edu

View the article from Campus Technology

Los Angeles Community College District Moves to Live@edu

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is providing all of its students, faculty, and staff with accounts for cloud communication and collaboration tools using Microsoft's Live@edu.
Live@edu accounts will also be unified across all nine LACCD colleges, so students and faculty who study or teach at multiple colleges will have a single account, simplifying inter-college communications and eliminating the need for students and faculty to juggle multiple e-mail accounts.

Los Angeles Community College District serves more than 250,000 students each year. It is the largest community college district in the United States, with nine colleges serving 36 cities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Tuesday, May 15

FREE College Courses

As educators, we should be in the forefront of challenging and changing paradigms, especially those that pertain to education. Our pedagogy is being challenged right now as many schools are offering FREE online classes — from art history, anthropology and literature to engineering, biology, and math. Schools in the forefront include Johns Hopkins, MIT, Harvard, U of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Stanford and Yale.

Here is one link to the story of the changing paradigm for teaching and learning. There are other links, but this one should get you started viewing the fantastic opportunities that await our students — and, consequently, ourselves.

NY Times

How should we as Guam educators prepare our students for this happening? How should we begin to take advantage of these great FREE gifts?

Tuesday, May 8

Google Apps 'Crib' Sheet

Several educators and administrators are gathering information so that they can be relatively conversant on using Google Apps For Educators.

Here is a pot of gold. You can access the specific topic from this Google Docs site:

Wednesday, May 2

Teacher Resource — Web 2.0 Tools

This is a powerful presentation of the many, many Web 2.0 tools that we, as educators, have at our fingertips. Add this site to your bookmarking resource tool  —

Sunday, February 26

3-For-1 Tech Tool

I have been experimenting lately with a tool that offers faculty the opportunity use this tool for more than one activity. It is a bookmarking tool with which you can share your resources with others and, in addition, use the tool to create presentations using “live” websites, that is, the websites are accessible with your mouse.


An additional bonus is that this wonderful tool is FREE. Access the website and view the 2-minute tutorial video. If you need an additional nudge, view a few of the binders that already exist.

Tuesday, November 30

Guide To Social Media

Perfect Topic/Agenda for Professional Development Workshops

Harvard University
2-day workshop: Guide to Social Media

Monday, October 18

Tech Tools via Prezi

Technology Tools for English Educators 
(created by kim trefz) presented via Prezi

7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers

7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers

Sunday, June 6

Google Wave Available for Everyone

University students and professors worldwide have used waves within and beyond the classroom to collaborate on Latin poetry translationswrite academic research papers and even build new functionality with Wave's APIs

An ICT teacher also enjoyed having her 5th-graders do their class research in Wave.