Tuesday, May 15

FREE College Courses

As educators, we should be in the forefront of challenging and changing paradigms, especially those that pertain to education. Our pedagogy is being challenged right now as many schools are offering FREE online classes — from art history, anthropology and literature to engineering, biology, and math. Schools in the forefront include Johns Hopkins, MIT, Harvard, U of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Stanford and Yale.

Here is one link to the story of the changing paradigm for teaching and learning. There are other links, but this one should get you started viewing the fantastic opportunities that await our students — and, consequently, ourselves.

NY Times

How should we as Guam educators prepare our students for this happening? How should we begin to take advantage of these great FREE gifts?


Wesley Fryer said...

I think one way is integrating high quality video content from these free courses in the lessons we share with students. Misty Williams is a pre-AP Biology (and next year AP Biology) teacher in Yukon, Oklahoma, who models this idea well. I had a chance to meet with her this week and was blown away by how well she integrates videos from Hippocampus, Khan Academy, and other sources:

I think it is a real challenge to not be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content (and video content specifically) now being published. I think we need to find ways to help teachers bring pieces of these high quality videos into their curriculum, and 'digitally build' their new curriculum using them. Misty is modeling this well.

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Sam said...

That's excellent, thanks a lot for the interesting quote!


cheap wall art said...

It's a tough one but I agree - teachers should embrace the new technology.

Arianne Robinson said...

Many will take advantage to take such so educator must be well prepared.

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Bradley Stacks said...
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