Wednesday, April 18

Teacher Tube

I have become acquainted recently with a technology tool that I believe will have a great impact on my pedagogy for teacher candidates, TeacherTube.

This site sports a YouTube look-alike interface, but is devoted exclusively to educational videos. Teachers can use the site to upload professional development videos and projects created in their classes, as well as to view, download, and comment on other educators' videos. Like most "Web 2.0" technology tools, the underlying premise of this site is for social networking and cooperation. The expectation is that noneducational and inappropriate videos will be "flagged" by users and removed from the site. You can view other educational videos; and, unlike its doppleganger, it's mostly likely not to be blocked by an educational institution.

Its success will depend on whether it can attract a critical mass of educators as users. Here's a chance for education to lead the way, for a change.

Additional educational technology comments and links can be viewed at BlendedEdu.Com.

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