Wednesday, September 17

Zaid's 101 Best FREE Learning Tools

Several lists exist offering 100+ best technology tools for learning. This is one of the better ones.

101 Free Learning Tools
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Laura J. said...

Wow! What a great resource for free learning tools. It's a great way to help build my Delicious list.

Laura J.

Darlene Vigil said...

Wow I never knew so many sites existed just for course management! I will definitely look into this since I do get tired of the same boring lesson plans (going on 3 years, OUCH!)

Christa said...

Thanks for sharing! This is something I can utilize!

Thanks again!


dw10cw said...

I have recently been on a study break from school studying the use of web2 in education. I have created a directory of tools you may find useful.