Monday, May 18

Beyond Google

Here are a list of new search engines that are popping up across the Web to make searches faster, smarter, more personal and more visually interesting. Unlike Google, where anyone with access to an Internet-connected computer can use the search tool, a few of these newer search engines require a free subscription before searching can begin, at least while still in BETA.

1) Twine

2) Kosmix
This search tool acts like a ‘mash up’ site with which you can have selected text inserted on your page and re-arrange your page to fit your needs.

3) Wolfram Alpha
“You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.”

5) Cuil
Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance.

6) Scoopler

“We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day.’

7) OneRiot

8) Tweetmeme
Both ‘OneRiot’ and ‘Tweetmeme” launched new or updated real-time searches recently.


Matsue said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,

I bookmarked these additional searchengines on my delicious and diigo for future references. Thank you for sharing.

Jerri "superteacher" said...

Good Morning Dr. Cyrus!

I ejoyed playing with these additional search engines. I worked with Cuil. Its also great because on the right side, it provides additional search information and allowed me to seach by category. Very useful and its now on my delicious! :D

Thank you!
-Jerri Onedera

Fae's Blog said...

Good Evening Dr.Cyrus,
I explored most of these search engines. I really found the, to be very intersting. I love how it includes web information and then videos on the subject you are searching for.

Thank you:)
Faedene Aldan

gina said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,

I found Cuil to be an interesting search engine; however, I did not like using twine. When entering the homepage, it makes new users join in order to search. Other search engines such as Wolfram and Kosmix were not that easy to access. Thank you for sharing these other search engines. You have opened up my computer experience to new and interesting experience.

Fun Pro Teacher said...

Good Evening Dr. Cyrus:

I've looked in Kosmix and Cuil. Kosmix really gave me several things that can help me in my math discipline. I will definitely put it in my delicius page.

s.celes said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,
I have to say, I took a quick look at the sites you displayed but got stuck for an hour on Twine! I could probably waste an entire day browsing through that site! Thanks :)

Tish said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus!

I checked out these search engines. I really like Wolfram Alpha. I wish I knew about this during high school. I also tried Kosmix. Its like killing two birds with one stone. I just search for something and I get everything in one shot: articles, news updates, videos, pictures, etc. I love it!

M. Uson said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus!

I checked out the search engines you posted! I've got to say that Kosmix and Cuil are my favorites. I love Kosmix because when I search for a topic, not only does it give me websites but videos, pictures, expert advice, articles and a whole lot more! I also found Cuil to be an excellent tool because it really narrowed down my search and gave me a better range of relevant and primary websites for a topic I typed in. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING THESE SEARCH ENGINES TO ME! I wish I knew about them earlier in my previous classes because it would have helped a whole lot! Thanks again =]

*Sorry, forgot to type my name in the previous comment for you to recognize me, so I deleted it.

- Maggie Uson

Early Childhood Educator said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,

I tried out the search engines and I have to say I like Kosmix and OneRiot the best for topics. It allows you to view different articles and what I found most convenient was videos were right there at your finger tip. You do not have to open up another tab for youtube and start a search again.

I found Wolfram Alpha interesting for my early childhood major. I can type in a word and there are many fields such as rhyming words, synonyms, the history and definition of a word and much much more.

It is great to have more search engines to choose from. Thank you for sharing these sites. I would have continued using Google and youtube as my only source of research.