Monday, September 7

25 Tools for Learning Professionals

Jane Hart has created a slide show of 25 tools for learning professionals.
Take a look at these 25 categories and see what you can add to your
bag of 'tools.' Leave a comment about what is new for you to try out.


Open Minds said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus, well I thought this was a great slide show that you had put together. I saw alot of familiar tools that we had used in your previous class. This time I think I will try out Voice Thread, Wikispaces, and Linked In. I thought these three were interesting to explore.

Jacqui Cyrus said...

I am pleased that you found some more tools to explore. This list was created by Jane Hart. She does good work introducing learners to technology tools.

Jess said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,

What will be new for me will be Prezi. I am interested in learning other ways to create presentations. I've been using powerpoint for the past few years so this should be exciting! Something different!

Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Says said...

I'm interested in using the Mind Mapping tool, Free Mind. Before I write any paper, I like to brainstorm using maps and my drawing usually get really messy. It might help to create a mind map in a more organized and efficient way. I might even introduce it to my students while student teaching =) See how that goes.

jenjames said...

Hello Dr. Cyrus, I thought this slide show was very informative. I was never aware of all the cool things you can do online. I'm excited to explore many of these sites since most of them are new to me. I hope to become more internet savvy by the end of this semester.