Sunday, August 6

Technology Tools - Part #2

Firefox [] was the web browser of choice for the computer lab using Windows XP operating systems because the technicians and original grant writers felt Firefox provided a safer environment and reduced the number of transmitted computer viruses. Originally, only 2 students claimed to have used a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the World-wide Web.

On a scale from ‘0’ to ‘5,’ the mean rating for Firefox was 4.41.

“As a browser that enables one to access the internet, f(F)irefox is quite efficient. Processing times are relatively fast and it is easy to navigate. There is also a guide to assist in using the application. There is also a “live bookmarks” feature that allows one to bookmark favorite websites and it updates it automatically for news and events. Because firefox is an efficient browser to access various internet sites, I see it as a technology that supports communication and connection with a variety of people or sources to enhance personal experience and learning as well.“

“It is also an excellent exploratory tool that offers minimal virus and pop up problems.”

This specific content management system, MoodleRooms [], was designed for teaching, learning and communication events. “Moodle is web-based software that helps instructors create online activities for their students with the aim of fostering rich collaborations between participants.”

On a scale from ‘0’ to ‘5,’ the mean rating for MOODLE was 4.00.

“The MOODLE contains no manual or guide for how to use the site and all its available features. Student has to be directed by teacher for its use. It is easy to navigate and easy to read. Calendar, news and events are all on one page so there is no flipping between pages and layout is very organized. The MOODLE conveniently and efficiently allows students a centralized area for teacher and student communication on assignments, submitting assignments and monitoring feedback and progress on lesson activities. It allows teacher to use links for assignments for efficiency in student obtaining information. The MOODLE is also great as a communication tool, as it allows for chats and discussion forums among all classmates and teacher. However, student is not able to manipulate calendar of events to tailor it for their personal use as well.”

“Moodle … allows students to view, at anytime all the assignments and activities that will be covered in class. Students are also able to monitor their progress by checking their grades on the site. Students and teachers are also able to communicate through forums. This is a very helpful tool for any level of education from intermediate, secondary to the college level.”

“I enjoyed utilizing this on-line assignment organizer. The only disadvantage though is that there were some incidents where I had trouble accessing it from time to time. However, I liked the fact that our professor provided the requirements of each assignment on the page where we upload our files”.

“Students are able to access the website to check their grades, assignments they need to turn in, and participate in forum discussions. We are able to monitor our progress in terms of grades and assignments that we have submitted, as well as upcoming assignments/activities that we will need to start working on. It allows us to be independent and in control of our virtual environment, as well as communicate with our peers and professors.”

“As a technology tool for Exploratory Learning and aside from the links, I do not feel that it (MOODLE) is able to allow learners to be self-directed and to discover facts and at least for me, it is not able to allow learners to manipulate their virtual environment. As a technology tool for Applications, I feel that it was more an informant of assignments and I do not feel that it is able to assist students to incorporate multimedia into their projects. The one thing I do believe that it was really good for is a technology tool for Communications. I think that it is able to support an educational philosophy that values connection, communication, and personal experience as a means of learning.”


mnrivera said...

Dear Dr. Jacqui Cyrus,

Hafa Adai! I’m delighted to see that you’ve introduced your students to a suite of resourceful web-based tools. The Moodle, Yahoo Briefcase, iKeepbookmarks, and Tripod are excellent tools that educators can use to integrate technology into their curriculum.

From experience, I can honestly say that Moodle is an excellent course management system that my students and I have engaged in, including meaningful forums, assignments, and more. I’ve even put our class blog into our Moodleroom!

As you can see, I have nothing but the highest regards for what you do to empower our students with instructional technology. You have certainly proven to be an asset to the School of Education, and I encourage you to keep up the momentum. Like I’ve said before, we are lucky to have you on our team!

Yours truly,
Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera

Bryce O'Connor said...

I loved using firefox because it is so different from all of the other browers. It even has a neat name.

I loved using Moodle too because I never of thought of turning in homework besides emailing or giving an hard copy to the professor.

David M.H. Mantanona said...

Part # 2: MOODLE Commentary
Because it is open source, this module will be freely available to all schools along with Moodle which will always be free. The best part is the interface, which is intuitive for teachers and fun for students. It is quite flexible and powerful regarding pedagogy. For instance, the sequential (or branching) learning lesson modules are easily created & accessible.
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. Such e-learning systems are sometimes also called Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). It was designed to be used with a certain "style" of teaching called "social constructionist pedagogy".
Unfortunately, the grading system in Moodle is archaic. (For example, pull down menus for grade entry, rather than a text box). If you have a large number of students in a course, this system bogs you down quickly. In addition, Moodle doesn't have support for extra credit, if you make use of that in your class.

David M.H. Mantanona said...

Firefox does not reinvent the browser, but it does provide technical enhancements that make Web browsing faster, safer, and easier. Like Internet Explorer, Firefox includes built-in controls to block pop-ups.
One major interface difference is Firefox's tabbed browsing feature, which lets you open several Web pages within a single browser window. Quickly move among pages by clicking the tabs at the top of the window. Compare that to IE, in which you must open several instances of the Microsoft browser, each requiring system resources. So viewing multiple Internet pages in IE can tax your computer, while tabbing through multiple pages within Firefox will not. Tabbed browsing is also available in the Apple Safari and Opera browsers, but not in Internet Explorer.
Firefox is more secure than Internet Explorer, in part because most criminal hackers look for holes in the industry leader--that's just efficient business. But there are also several structural differences that make Firefox an inherently more secure browser.

Taylor Sehpin said...

This are my ideas about Firefox and Moodle
Part # 2
Fire fox is a web browser. I really like Fire fox because it is really fast and it also has lower requirements. It is also easier to move from one place to the other. For example; at the top, you can start with customizing links bar where you find add or shortcuts to the links bars, rearrange shortcuts and even customize shortcuts then move to freehotmail where you find msn hotmail. Under msn you could use easily connected steps and you can even express yourself in a way you want.
Moodle is a tools that mostly used by professors and students or teachers and students. It is good because there are lots of places where you can put different sources, like announcements, assignments, calendar and it even has chatting places etc. One thing that I think it would best for is distance education. When a student is taking on line courses, it is a best place I ever came across that I might not need my professor to be close to me and talk. We could chat in there too. I could even go back and see my previous work easier.

Janice Borcione said...

It was good to have known another web browser(Firefox) other than Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. It is a great tool for the students to use when researching for information. It allows the students to bookmark any favorite and important site so that it will be easier for them to access again in the future. I have used this browser myself and I can say that it is very user friendly and convenient. I really liked the tabbed browsing feature because it allowed me to open new pages in tab by default. This tool provides another way for better web browsing.

Moodle was something new to me. I think it is a great tool to use in my future class. The calendar is a great way to get the class organized. The students will not be lost and will be notified in advance of the upcoming events and assignments. It is also a great way for the students to communicate with their professor outside of the classroom. It also provides virtual communication amongst the students through the forums and discussion board. From my experience, the moodle was beneficial for me. It allowed me to retrieve any important description of the assignment. It was somehow like a webquest, where most of the materials and information are found in it. It was very convenient because links were provided. It was a also another way of sending assignment online, besides via email.

allyson iseke said...

I think that the Moodle tool is a great tool to use when providing students with different tasks to do. What I like most about this tool is that it leaves students accountable for checking it almost daily to know what is going on or what is going to happen in class. This tool is especially good to use when students are unable to make it to class because of an emergency. What is important to stress with using the Moodle tool is that it does not take the part of a student attending class. As a teacher, I would stress the importance of checking Moodle daily to know what is going on and also stress the importance of attendance in the class. As a teacher, I would use Moodle as a tool to keep students informed in case they missed anything in class; I would also use it as a way to submit their assignments to me.

Mozilla Firefox:
I, personally, really enjoy using Mozilla Firefox. I actually use this tool at home. It makes browsing a lot faster and easier to organize because the different websites being reviewed are opened up in tabs rather than windows. As a teacher, I would use this tool as the main way for students to view web pages. I would help them to understand how it works and the benefits of using Firefox as a way to surf the web.

Richard Velasco said...

Firefox is another website browser that you can use to surf the World Wide Web. What sets this apart from all the other major web browsers is the fact that it is more secure from viruses. Also, the “more tabs” option made navigation a little bit easier as well. I was able to view multiple sights on one opening from Firefox other than having to open separate windows. It also seems to load faster. Thus, I prefer to use Firefox in the classroom.

Moodle is an online tool that both teachers and students can use to organize their assignments and other projects. Assignments would already be posted online and uploading of files made submission of homework very easy. Also, it gave me an idea of what to expect in the following week, so I was always kept up to date, especially when group discussions are also allowed. Moodle is a useful tool for integrating technology in the classroom, and I would not pass it by.

RaeAnn Ogo said...

MOODLE is a perfect tool for students to access their class assignments and the instructor at home or anywhere internet is available. This is another way for students to keep tract of upcoming assignments, their grades, and class activity for the course. As an Elementary Instructor, MOODLE is another way for parents to access their child’s performance in my class. MOODLE allows them to contact me with any concerns, questions, and/or comments.

Firefox is a great web browser for students of all ages. It is easy to access and navigate. I would like to use Firefox when my students are browsing the internet for information about topics they are researching for reports, presentations, and class discussions. Firefox has a program that deletes html codes from websites to remove graphics from the page.

Maricris Brochon said...

The Moodle is a very organized and powerful tool that can be used to support a class. It is like your internet classroom in which it is free, but not necessarily up to the point of having it for “public access”. However, basically anyone who is enrolled in a particular class in Moodle can log in. Once you’re logged in, you can easily see the detailed activities, homework assignments, discussion, any new posting. You will surely easily find your way in and out because it is pretty straightforward. Missing a class is not encouraged, however, if ever you did, logging back onto Moodle will put you back on track since you could refer back to any work or activity you missed. I do recommend this and I, myself, would take the chance to utilize it in my own classroom. It would reflect my professionalism and philosophy because it is very organized, detailed and simple and I know that it would also be appealing to my class.

Maricris Brochon said...

The mozilla firefox is a web browser similar to the Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator, and Safari. One feature of Firefox that I noticed is that it blocks most pop-up windows. Most of the time, when I am on the Internet, using the traditional and more popular browser, I am constantly being bombarded with pop-ups. In addition, opening one window can open up to a number of tabs. This feature eliminates the toggling between one window to another.

Anthony Cruz said...

This was my first time using the Firefox web browser. Previously, the web browser of choice was Microsoft Internet Explorer and I did have several problems with viruses and an endless amount of pop ups. Even so, I used this browser because I was not familiarized and I did not have any prior knowledge on other browsers that may be available to me. However, after taking the Audio Visual Education course, I have come to be familiarized with the Firefox web browser and I fell that this is a great tool for research because of its dependability and low virus and pop up rate. I would surely use this web browser in the future for internet research to create my lesson plans.

MOODLE is a great tool for teachers and students. I feel that MOODLE has kept me organized with all my assignments. In addition, I was able to collaborate with my peers through the forums and online discussions. I as also able to turn in my work on time and was able to communicate with the professor for any help. I would like to use this site when I become a teacher in the secondary level. I feel that I would have to instruct every part of MOODLE, simply because it is not self-directed. In any case, this is definitely a great tool for technology communication and I can surely use this in my classroom. On a more personal note, I really enjoyed using MOODLE in this class throughout the semester. I think that this tool has made my learning much easier. Without it, I think I would have had a very difficult time putting all the work together. Thank you Dr. Cyrus for introducing me to MOODLE!!!

Kerrie said...

In using Firefox I found that it was easy to navigate. This site allowed users to see multiple results in one area rather than having to open a new window to search additional topics. Personally I enjoyed using firefox over other web browsers for it is fast and convienient for researching materials.

MOODLE (content management system),

Using MOODLE was very interesting. This management system allows users to have access to their grades, assignments and progress in the course. What I liked the most about using moodle is having the connection with my professor and colleagues online using the blog session and group discussions. In using this system I was provided with more information that pertained to class lectures and for further evaluations and understandings.

Tonirose Realica said...


Moodle to me became the detailed planner that I never had to lift a finger to make. It was through Moodle that I was able to keep track of past and future assignments as well as grades. With a simple click of a button, accessed by a username and password, my planner was opened before my very eyes. This to me became the very essence of distance learning. Even if the student is not in the classroom, Moodle will have the exact information that he/she missed. This leads to less of the unnecessary repetition of directions and more efficient learning.

Firefox to me was just like an updated Web Explorer. What are its best qualities? Well, there’s a search bar, blocker, tabs, and bookmarks. Additionally, the design is quite user-friendly in where one can find the necessary buttons needed to navigate easily (i.e. page forward, reload, etc.) and it loads quickly. I would recommend Firefox to anyone. Being that I do not use a variety of internet browsers, however, I can not give any further critique.

Alex Hoya said...

Firefox is one of the web browsers available for online users to utilize. Although I am more familiar with the Internet Explorer, I believe that the more choices we have when engaging ourselves on multiple online activities, the better it is for us because we can try the different features that a particular web browser has to offer. I am sure that just like any other web browser available; firefox will keep up with regular updates to entice more people to use it. Regular updates would turn to better efficiency and security which would translate to more satisfaction from the users. The user also has the option to personalize his/her web browser using firefox, and features like this motivates and enables the user to become more skillful in doing and exploring more computer applications.

This is specifically designed for educators and students. It is much like taking the classroom into the student’s home. One of the many free tools which enables one’s learning activities and course updates more accessible. This software includes a support system with security site to detect any possible presence of virus. Various template designs are also available to satisfy each and every individuals needs according to their preferences when they choose their Moodle CMS designs. And just like many online services, Moodle is available to different parts of the world. I personally feel that this software gives the students easy access to all the information they need to know regarding the course they are taking. Gone is the time where one will be worrying about things that they have missed in class due to one reason or another because Moodle allows one to check on his/her course activity updates via the internet. By utilizing moodle, both the teacher and the students will always have access regarding the course. I will certainly use this software in my future as a teacher and will without a doubt recommend it to my peers.

Christine Joy Borja said...

MOODLE assessment:
While the MOODLE rooms took some getting used to, the format turned out to be a refreshing combination of other, more familiar web applications. Incorporating ichat, forums, and “account summaries” (~grades), MOODLE rooms are a one-stop shop for teachers to communicate with students, collect assignments, and provide feedback. The inconvenience of receiving other groups’ discussion notes are negligent, when one compares the amount of time and effort one would otherwise invest if one had to switch from web application to web application to cover the flexibility afforded by MOODLE.

Firefox assessment:
If one were doing basic, idle web surfing, any basic web browser would suffice. However, if one wanted more efficient and organized browsing, Firefox’s tab option is extremely helpful. With the self-reloading feature, Firefox also removes the inconvenience of having to reload one’s page over and over—this is most helpful for forum watching. Students would also find the personalization feature attractive.

Jenn Duenas said...

MOODLE can be used to replace or to use in conjunction with a traditional classroom bulletin board. With MOODLE a teacher is able to post what the assignments are and students have the ability of uploading their assignments instead of having to turn in a hard copy. A calendar of events is also available so that a teacher can display what events are taking place within the class and school. In my class, I would definitely consider using this tool, more so for high school and college students. This would also be a great site for online classes, since teachers and students can keep track of the events for the class, upload assignments, view grades for completed assignments, and blog students within the class.

Many people have stated that Firefox is a safer Internet browser then Microsoft Internet Explorer that has a limited amount of pop-ups. I personally am more familiar with Netscape or Internet Explorer and would prefer using them instead of Firefox. However, all three browsers are relatively similar to each other. They all allow users the ability to save websites that users access on a regular basis or websites that have an interest to them.

Shirleen Cruz said...

Moodle was a great tool to use because it saved me lots of ink; instead of having to print out my work, I was able to upload it instead. It was an excellent way to organize the lesson plan for each week. However, I do not see myself using Moodle at the elementary level because not all students will have access to a computer.

Firefox is the best Internet browser I have used by far. I love the tabbing feature of Firefox because I can have several windows opened under one page, and although IE7 has emulated this, I don’t see myself switching back anytime soon. I also love the add-ons that Firefox offers, such as Cooliris Previews (where you just hover on a link and a preview of that page pops up) and Adblock Plus (no more pop-up ads, seriously!). I think that Firefox would be an excellent browser to use for any Internet-related lesson plan, especially since students will probably need more than one window open when they're doing research.

Marvey Elias said...

Part # 2- Comments regarding Moodle and Firefox

Moodle is a great technology tool that both teachers and students can use. It allows students and teachers to communicate online. In other words, it is a site that is good for chatting regarding assignments. Teachers and students can chat at the same time in class without even standing up and walking up to the instructor to ask question. On this site, you will find that all assignments are already posted and the date that it is due. Also, all the steps in doing the assignments are already on the assignments section. Furthermore, you will find announcements, calendar, and grading section where you can look at the grading system used by the teacher. This is really a great tool and I really encourage teachers and students to use it in class.

Firefox is a web browser. It is a great tool that both teachers and students can use because it is faster and safer. It contains active protection from online scams to keep you safer. In other words, it helps you stay secure on the web. Firefox also enables you to open up several pages using a single window browser.

Sherri Perez said...

Moodle is similar to and Blackboard—all of which you are easily able to access and communicate to your professor and classmates for just about anything pertaining to class. I like Moodle because it offers various ways/methods to communicate (i.e. chat, instant message, etc.). It also helps keep one organized by providing an agenda-like class homepage, which shows the various upcoming activities and assignments—so you’re always on top and made aware of everything. I would use this in my class because it’s a good idea and because it’s a perfect way for absent students to be aware of what happens while their out.
Firefox is a great browser to use. You are able to view multiple pages within one window, using tab creations, and within a matter of seconds!—Loading time is quite less than Internet Explorer. Even its appearance is attractive, with the animated circle during page loading; plus, it doesn’t display all those “useless” buttons/toolbars on top like Internet Explorer does. Firefox has a lot less pop-ups (if none at all) and has never “froze” or not responded… one of the biggest problems I seem to encounter each time I use Internet Explorer. I would only use this or AOL Explorer (because of its similar features) in my classroom during online/Internet activities and for projects that require research.

Judy Naz said...

Firefox is an easy browser to use, and I would encourage my students to use this instead of IE7 mainly because of the "tab" feature. If my students are working on a WebQuest, they will have an easier time switching pages since the pages tabbed have their own section and aren't together with all the other programs that are running. I also had less pop-ups while using Firefox compared to IE. My only problem with this browser (I'm surprised no one has mentioned) is that it was harder to edit my page on Tripod because there was no toolbar to edit fonts, tables, and such.

Moodle is a good way to extend the classroom especially for students at the secondary level. It is a safe and controlled environment; only the class and the teacher will have access to the site. This tool would be especially helpful when it comes to distance learning. If a student is absent, all he/she has to do to remain up-to-date with what's happening in class is to check the class's Moodle site. If the teacher is off-island or has an emergency, students can still ask questions on the forum.

chereseangoco said...

Moodle is another excellent tool that can be used for teachers and students. Personally, Moodle has kept me organized and informed with my assignments, group discussions, and grades. I also loved how I was able to upload my assignments through Moodle. This is absolutely a wonderful way in which students can keep on track with course requirements.

Firefox is a great web browser that is safe, fast, and easy to navigate. This is the first time I’ve experienced Firefox and would highly recommend that it would be served as the web browser of choice for many internet users.

vina johnson said...

Part #2
We just switched to using Firefox in our home computer and I have to say that I really like it. I can personalize the appearance of my browser to suit me, I can add the add-ons that I want, however I want it. I can clear my web browsing data with a click. And I can use tabs to open and view multiple web pages in a single browser window. Talk about time saving measures.

I like the fact that I can just upload my assignment on line period. I don’t have to worry about printer problems (Oh I had my share of that) or accidentally leaving it at home come submission time. I like how I’m able to continuously check what’s going on in class, its’ progress and my grades. I can interact, and share with classmates by just logging in Moodle. I think it helped the participants learn more cooperatively and independently. Another feature I like about it is how I’m able to email all posts in the discussion forums directly to my groupmates. And best of all is it’s very easy to use too!

Christian Gomez said...


Since students will frequent the internet for search engines(when they research), Firefox will be the web browser to be utilized. This browser is more efficient than the rest (Explorer or Navigator), since students will be able to research more than one search engines at a time without the hassle of having to switch windows. By creating tabs on the Firefox web browser, it will free up space on the toolbar and the students will be able to open up other documents that he or she is using to type the report.


A Moodle would be an ideal method of having students (whom are able to access the internet) to be on task. Students can enter the Moodle—which would be centered around the curriculum—and they would be able to keep track of upcoming assignments, projects, and tests. If students are absent from school, they would not have to ask the teacher to or another classmate for their missed assignments; all they would have to do is go on the Moodle and see what they missed. It can also be the medium in which students can communicate with others or the teacher, so they can ask or clarify any questions that they might have with a certain problem.

georgette said...

I really love using the MOODLE, it is easy access into your updates in class, grades, upcoming assignments, due dates, more information on any lecture/lesson. I love it, I go into it very often to see what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. I love how easy it is for us to turn in assignments(so no excuse there). I will definitely use Moodle into my classroom .

I enjoy Fire Fox, something new and different. Everyone is basically just using Internet Explorer, that they don't give other web browsers a chance. Well I am, I enjoy it and getting to love it.

Sheryl San Miguel said...

Fire Fox:
This is the first time that I was able to try using fire fox. I've always used Microsoft Internet Explorer. I really like the "tab" feature that fire fox has instead of having to keep opening up new browser windows. It is definately a more convenient feature.

I have used moodle a little in ED489 with Dr. Sanchez's class. This was a way for us to submit our grades which was definately a plus for me since I don't really like to keep on printing out paper. I also like that it is very convenient because it let's you know right away if the assignment was submitted. I really enjoy using moodle. It is also a way to communicate with parents and students if there is any question about work that needed to be turned in.

Sheryl San Miguel said...

Fire Fox:
This is the first time that I was able to try using fire fox. I've always used Microsoft Internet Explorer. I really like the "tab" feature that fire fox has instead of having to keep opening up new browser windows. It is definately a more convenient feature.

I have used moodle a little in ED489 with Dr. Sanchez's class. This was a way for us to submit our grades which was definately a plus for me since I don't really like to keep on printing out paper. I also like that it is very convenient because it let's you know right away if the assignment was submitted. I really enjoy using moodle. It is also a way to communicate with parents and students if there is any question about work that needed to be turned in.

stefan thomas said...

Moodle is web-based software and a useful tool for teachers and university professors as well as students. As a place or space on the internet where assignments can be retrieved and completed work can be uploaded, it totally eliminates the need for hard copy and printers in a particular course. Not only does it allow for students to work in groups, enabling them to communicate outside of the classroom using another method other than telephone and email, it allows for off-hour feedback from the teacher or professor outside of normal session time of a particular class. The fact that it requires a fair amount of guidance to initially learn to operate as a student, it is not a technology that students can stumble on to and incorporate on their own, however user friendly it is once one has learned to navigate the site and operate the links. Provided all my high school students have access at home I would utilize Moodle in the way it was shown to me, basically post the semester’s assignments in advance and incorporate group work in my lesson plans, making sure that groups log on simultaneously outside of class.

Firefox is an award winning web browser and is similar to others. The high degree of the user’s, students’ ability to personalize it through a myriad of features makes it quite student-centered. Besides allowing the student access to the world-wide-web it is efficient with speed and provides a high degree of security against viruses, etc. When I used it I had no complaints whatsoever, and as a tool utilized for browsing the web it is enabling for anyone that needs to do research of any kind as student or professor, promoting linkage to people and information equally. If I ever had computers on the desks of the class I would similarly install Firefox to limit the amount of pop-ups and viruses.

Libresiha SanNicolas said...

With my experience in using MOODLE, I found myself being comfortable and at ease knowing that the class assignments were available with a touch of a button. I especially loved the calendar of events and assignments due.I really enjoyed turning in assignments without physically turning it in. The MOODLE is good for keeping the class updated with the latest class assignments.

Along with Firefox, the two were easily accessible and to understand. The two would be something that I feel I would use because they are simple to understand and that I think everyone should be able to handle.

Antoinette Arriola said...

Moodle (5 out of 5)
The Moodle is much more than an online syllabus it features online surveys, discussion sessions, chat, assignment grades, the names of each group member, and group member emails. The Moodle is paper free environment where assigned assignments are uploaded into the Moodle for Teachers to view anytime of the day. It is an effective way of making sure that assignments’ do not get eaten by the dog or that teachers’ do not misplace student assignments. When the Moodle is in use/in session there are no excuses except that I did not do my homework or I was not able to upload my assignments.

Technology Tools-Part # 2 (5 out of 5)
It is good to have choices when it comes to internet web browsers. The most widely used web browser is the Microsoft internet explorer. The most effective web browser by far is the fire fox web browser. It has a safer environment and has fewer transmitted computer viruses. They are both effective for research and for surfing the web.

Kone Akenus said...

- Allows students, teacher and peer to communicate through forums.
- Helps instructor to create students online activities
- Helpful as an educational tool
- Allows students to be independent
- Allows students to view all the assignments and activities that will be covered in class, at anytime.
- Students can check their grades on the side
Rating is 4.00
This tool is great as a communication tool. It is useful for the teacher to use to create online assignments and activities and the students to view them at anytime or anywhere using different computers. This program is not allowing students to view their grades and make comments on it when they view it. It does not allow the students to incorporate multimedia into their project. And students have to be directed by teacher for their use.

- excellent exploratory tool that offers minimal virus and pop up problem
- reduced the number of transmitted computer viruses
- provide safer environment
- has live bookmarks feature that allows to bookmark favorite website
- Support communication and connection with variety of people or sources to enhance personal experience and learning as well.
Rating is 4.20
Protection is important to our computer. Viruses are what we are really afraid of to damage our computer. Bookmark is another important things to do for the student because when they see something important for their search, they can bookmarks it. Communication is what we always doing in life. So students can use it to connect with other people or sources to enhance their personal experience and as well as learning.

Vivian said...

The MOODLE is a great tool for students to access assignments, their grades, announcements, and it provides another way to communicate with the class and group members. The MOODLE also provides ways for students to view their grades, receive feedback from the professor, and view upcoming assignments. The MOODLE helps keep students organized and on task.

Firefox is another web browser that is available for students to use. Firefox is user friendly and it is for students for all ages. Firefox is especially, convenient for Mac users. For instance, using the Safari browser; Safari does not display all features and sometimes it is unable to upload a web site. Firefox does not have this problem. One of Firefox’s great feature, is you is able to view multiple pages with one window by using the simply using the tab feature.

Pilar Millan said...

After I learned how to use the web browser, Firefox, I was a happy student. It made my time on the internet more enjoyable because I did not have to wait very long for websites to load. This is especially true with a dial-up server.
Another thing that I really liked about Firefox was the extra tab feature. I was able to connect to multiple sites at one time without experiencing page failure or errors like that on the Microsoft Internet Explorer window.

If my other courses were on the Moodle, my life as a student would be less stressful. I love the Moodle, it is so much better than a course syllabus. It is paperless and it is easy to find every time. While on the Moodle, I found it easy to navigate my way around the various pages without problems. What I liked the most about the Moodle was the activity report page. Every time I would log on, I would link to the activity report page to view the weekly assignments, the professor’s feedback messages, and most importantly, my grades. I am always happy to see my grade.

Kristine Marquez said...

Firefox- Firefox is the fastest internet navigator I’ve used. It’s a good technology tool because students and teachers won’t waste so much time waiting for web pages to upload, research time is faster! I recommend everyone to use Firefox especially when doing research or uploading big files.

Moodle- Moodle is a good tool when it comes to communication between teachers and students. It allows students to access and upload assignments where ever they are. There’s no excuse for forgetting the homework assignments! It also allows students to communicate with each other about their homework assignments and discussions even when they are in different places and times. The only thing I don’t like about Moodle is that sometimes it’s really slow, it take a while for messages to get through (when using forums) from one person to another.

Veronica Ramirez said...

Technology Tools Part #2
Firefox was one of the search engine tools that allowed me to research information online world wide. Instead of using internet explore or Google, I can also use one of the two mentioned. There are many others but these are safe to be utilize. It’s free and I will recommend to future students to upload such software.
The Moodle experience was my first attempt to collaborate with students, get access to homework and to speak with the professor. I would definitely look into taking an online course if offered by UOG.

Anonymous said...

Dr Cyrus,

Here are my thoughts on the following tools:

Moodle give the definition of “Moodle”: “The word Moodle is actually an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, although originally the M stood for "Martin", named after Martin Dougiamas, the original developer.” The Moodle is a terrific tool for both teacher and student since it can provide: advance, up to date, complete overview of assignments, student progress and grades. It is also a “Thinking Distance Classroom” which allows the student to submit assignments anywhere or time provided the student has internet connection and a computer. As a future educator, I would like to utilize the Moodle to create courses and to provide my students with the opportunities of rich interaction.

Since introduced to Firefox, I have been a changed woman. I have introduced Firefox to my husband, children, friends and employment – goodbye Internet Explorer, Netscape and MSN. To name a few among the many features I love the most about Firefox are: the addition of to the search engine list in the tool bar, tabbed browsing feature which allows you to place selected pages under a visible tab on screen rather than opening multiple browser windows and the drag and drop reordering of browser tabs.

Darlene Quichocho

marisa lansang said...

Moodle: It provides a great way to communicate with professors and students. It also allows students to submit assignments quickly. Moodle is excellent for cooperative leaning because it

Firefox: I enjoyed using this convenient website which allows people to open several tabs at once for a faster and better research.

Begonia Tewid said...

Fire Fox:

• I found out that Fire Fox is an easy web browser to use other than Google, because it is easy to access and navigate.

• It is a technology that is easy to access and use, as well as a technology browser that gives proficient processing time that allows the user the convenience of researching for information in a record time.


• Convenient tool for teachers and students to use for discussions.
• Allows the teacher the freedom to use as a mode of communication between her and the students.
• Gives students convenience to browse through the requirements for their class, as well as check their grades and feedback from their teachers or professor.
• Effective tool to use for forum discussion between students’, however must be guided by the teacher.
• However, aside from an effective tool and a communication mode between teachers and students, it is not a productive tool to use to look for information, or resources.

Carol Castro said...

Moodle is an excellent Website for online collaboration between students and teacher. It contains an online chat area for both to share ideas and discuss class topics through meaningful forums. The initial sign-up is very simple and the Website is easy to navigate. It also serves as an online tool for storage of assignments and maintains record for both the times and dates the assignments are uploaded. This provides for a paperless way to evaluate and send results back to the students. Overall, this Website is very effective in the classroom as a way of keeping students updated as well as an area for assignment uploads.

Firefox is an Internet browser that can be used to get access to the Internet. The browser is quick and efficient; the wait time is minimal before sites are displayed. Students can use this browser to check their emails, search the Internet for educational purposes, create websites, etc. It’s one of the many web browsers that are available today.

Christine Losbanes said...

I think using FireFox enabled me to do computer related projects more efficiently without the hassles of pop-ups and other unnecessary programs. The only downfall to this is that it doesn't download/upload some formats, such as certain fonts and pictures, from other programs. But, all together, I think that this is a great browser to use/download.