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Technology Tools - Part #3: Online Utilities


“ [] allows you to upload, and keep, your bookmarks on the web for free. You can access them at any time, from any computer… anywhere!”

On a scale from ‘0’ to ‘5,’ the mean rating for iKEEPBOOKMARKS was 3.45.

“iKeepBookmarks is a very helpful site for both teachers and students. Users can keep useful bookmarks of websites that they find very useful on this website so that they do not have to keep searching for it again on a search engine. Users can manipulate their environment on the site by describing the types of websites they decide to bookmark. Users can also put their bookmarks into folders. This website is very helpful for many different types of interests from education, gaming or shopping”.

“Although ikeepBookmarks does not do much to help students with work, it does help students remember all of their favorite sites, their user names, and passwords for each site, alongside websites recommended by the teachers”.

Yahoo! Briefcase [] is a tool that allows you to store files online and then access them from anywhere. “You can easily access, edit, share and modify your files anywhere you can access the Internet just by uploading and downloading files through virtually any web browser on any web connection.”

On a scale from ‘0’ to ‘5,’ the mean rating for YAHOO BRIEFCASE was 3.46.

“Yahoo Briefcase is very easy to navigate and use. It is very self-explanatory (so) that no manual is required. I believe that ESL students could easily use the program without difficulty, provided they are self-directed computer users. Yahoo Briefcase is an extremely practical tool for students to consolidate all the work on the web, allowing them to retrieve and/or edit files anywhere they have access to the computer and the internet. However, it only simply allows one to input, retrieve and edit files and nothing else, like enable it to be multimedia.


Tripod [] on Lycos, established in 1994, is one of the leading personal publishing communities on the Web. Tripod makes it easy for members to create their own web site. With 20MB of web space for your web site, you can have a BLOG and a photo album along with your web site. Tripod also has clip art you can use on your web pages.

No rating available.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Cyrus,
I was compelled by the Yahoo briefcase idea. I have certainly been in "sticky" situations before, wanting files from one computer and being on another, so this seems like it would be a wonderful solution!
Thank you for helping teachers this past week at the LAC. . . your knowledge and expertise were invaluable!

Bryce O'Connor said...

I believe using Yahoo Briefcase is a great idea because it is a way to keep all of your important websites for your classes.

Bryce O'Connor said...

I loved tripod because I was able to make a webquest and do my e-portfolio for my Ed451 class. I never thought would be able to make a website. It was fun, and I a hope I will do it again in the near future.

Taylor Sehpin said...

This is aboutTechnology Tools # 3
ikeepbookmark is a great place for saving your things that you need to keep and you can easily print them out or access later or even in any computer anywhere. It is also good for storing websites. Teacher could post favorites, or bookmarks so when the students need them, they could access them easily. It is also free. This site is the site for a teacher and his/her colleagues to share their interested sites. You could safe your documents and then leave on a trip to a distance place and then just open it up when ever you got close to a computer. You could call it a directory for resources that would be used among you and your friends or so-workers.
Yahoo Briefcase
Yahoo Briefcase is good for saving photos and also easier to print out later if you want. You can also create folders and the date you made it will remain there. It is easy to use. Within the folders you can also create files. It is good for sharing things to your friends.
Tripod is a place where you could make your website or URL. It is a good place to make your web quest. You can even set aside places where people can make comments to your web quest. In other words, they could e-mail you their comments. You could even insert pictures of anything you like. It is could take up as many pages as you want.

Janice Borcione said...

The “Ikeepbookmark” will be a helpful tool for students to be organized. It will be convenient for the students to use this so that they can save all of their favorite sites. It will be a faster way for the students to visit these web sites again in the future.

The yahoo briefcase is another great way of saving files. It is an alternative way of saving files in the floppy disk or flash drive. I could use this tool in my future classroom because my students will not have to spend money to buy a storing memory device because it is free.

It was my first time using the Tripod and I find it useful. I can very much see myself using this tool in my classroom. I will allow my students to view and work on the webquest that I have created using this program. Students can also use this to create a photo album about their classroom activities and an electronic portfolio of their classes. I really like how tripod provided ready made templates and clip arts for the users.

Allyson Iseke said...

I think ikeepbookmarks is a tool that is extremely useful for anyone who doesn’t own a computer or who move from computer to computer and wishes to have their “favorites” links with them when they need it. As a teacher, I would use ikeepbookmarks for my students when it is time for them to use the computer so that they always have what they need even if they work at a different computer. I would also let them know that this is a tool that could be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as they have their user name and password.

Yahoo! Briefcase:
Yahoo Briefcase is another tool that I really like. Whoever came up with it is genius! I like it mostly because I am able to save some important files and am able to access it through the internet at any computer. I also don’t have to lug my laptop around or worry about carrying my thumb drive to access important files. I would use this in my classroom when I start teaching for my students to save their work and access it at any computer whether it be in a computer lab or on a computer at home.

Tripod is a really good tool to use when you want to start up a free website. I think this would be great for students to use in order to showcase their work, sort of like an ePortfolio. Tripod really gets students familiar with what the computer can do when being able to access the internet. Tripod is also a great tool for students to realize that they could use the internet like many small business users do and if they learn how to be more proficient with the use of graphics and other fancy technology programs, they may be able to realize their potential as a graphic artist or computer designer.

Tonirose Realica said...


Moodle to me became the detailed planner that I never had to lift a finger to make. It was through Moodle that I was able to keep track of past and future assignments as well as grades. With a simple click of a button, accessed by a username and password, my planner was opened before my very eyes. This to me became the very essence of distance learning. Even if the student is not in the classroom, Moodle will have the exact information that he/she missed. This leads to less of the unnecessary repetition of directions and more efficient learning.

Everyone knows it’s hard to find good valid websites and so when one finds them they are just like gold. And just like gold, people need to store these sites in a safe, protected, and easily accessible (for the owner) place. Ikeepbookmarks is exactly the storage needed. It’s the best way to keep those precious website addresses that you just can’t remember! Its best qualities? It’s cheap, easy, and very accessible anywhere and anytime!

Tripod allows for a person to make their own websites whether it is personal, business or academics. Though it is easy to sign up, and very free for that matter, I found Tripod to be more of a burden than a blessing. Whether it is the computer, server, or the browser, it took quite long to move from page to page and to change fonts or add pictures. If you wanted to change anything there was a button and with that button came a new page and a whole new wait. For websites, I suggest using FrontPage or PowerPoint before uploading it on the internet. It will save you the time, energy, and frustration.

Yahoo Briefcase
Ever lose your thumb drive? Can’t afford one? Now there is an easy way to have storage to put ‘things that you need’ in place. It’s called Yahoo Briefcase. Yahoo Briefcase, which is absolutely “FREE” allows for a user to store their important files to be accessed anywhere and at anytime.
It’s a great tool for teachers as when transferring ‘classrooms’ they tend to lose what they brought with them (and in a school anything that’s lost is hardly ever to be found again) Moreover, the teacher can further use Yahoo Briefcase as an online storage area where files that students need can be placed on the teachers account and the student can access it and simply download.

Firefox to me was just like an updated Web Explorer. What are its best qualities? Well, there’s a search bar, blocker, tabs, and bookmarks. Additionally, the design is quite user-friendly in where one can find the necessary buttons needed to navigate easily (i.e. page forward, reload, etc.) and it loads quickly. I would recommend Firefox to anyone. Being that I do not use a variety of internet browsers, however, I can not give any further critique.

Richard Velasco said...

iKeepBookmarks is a great online tool to use especially when it is necessary to remember a lot of websites. In iKeepBookmarks, the student would be able to organize and sort their list of websites and can always come back to them in the future. This is a very beneficial tool, especially when working on an online works cited list.

Yahoo Briefcase was especially helpful when wanting to keep important files and tools in a secure place. However, I believe that such a program is not so necessary. We can keep files in any other sources of secure places anyway such as a flash drive or even in your own hard drive. I would assume that yahoo briefcase is more accommodating to those who lack such resources.

Out of all the free domain website-making sources on the World Wide Web, it seems that Tripod stands out. It is very user-friendly and has numerous options for anyone who wants to start their own website. Whether you’re a veteran in web design or just a rookie wanting to make an advertisement online, Tripod has everything you need to get started. You are able to upload multiple files and manipulate the format of your site to any way you want.

Maricris Brochon said...

Ikeepbookmarks is a very helpful website. With Ikeepbookmarks, you can bring along your “favorites” anywhere you want as long as you have internet connection. This is particularly helpful for students who need to keep a file of their favorites list. If you are constantly using your computer and have saved a lot of your favorites in that computer, and then the not so good thing happened in which your computer became inaccessible. Imagine how hard would that be to access the important websites when you cannot remember what they were. With ikeepbokmarks, you never have to worry about losing your favorites.

Is a place where you can get free website hosting. Tripod offers a lot of website capabilities with not having to do your own coding! There are a lot of available website designs and format. It also has features where you can incorporate a lot of elements in a much easier, faster and beautiful way as that of the traditional webpage designing. The website gives you 20mb of free space. In the future, I want to introduce Tripod to my class. It is a good way to keep track of their work – electronic portfolio- in which they could share not only with their teachers and classmates but also with their family and friends.

Yahoo Briefcase
Is one feature of Yahoo! Where you can store files on-line. This means that you can upload and keep your files online and not worry about buying a thumb drive or burning a cd. As long as you have internet connection, then you can access it. It also provides ample allotted space storage. I’ve been using this feature for a couple of years and its just so amazing that my file did not get lost even after not accessing for a pretty long time. It is very user friendly. I know that this will be one of the technological tools that I would share with my students in the future. They could always use this to keep files without having to buy thumb drives or any storage media.

Anthony Cruz said...

I feel that iKEEPBOOKMARKS is a great tool for being organized. I have about a dozen websites that I frequently look into every day. I use this tool to be organized. I would implement this tool in my lesson planning simply to keep my students as well as myself organized. As stated by Dr. Cyrus, it really does not help out in work, but it does serve as a tool to keep all researching tools in order to do work more easily.

Yahoo Briefcase:
This tool, like iKEEPBOOKMARK, serves as a great organizing tool with a little “kick” to it. In addition to keeping students organized, Yahoo Briefcase allows students to store all their work an edit it if they wish. Although this is not a tool for multimedia, I feel that I would try to incorporate this tool in my classroom because its does serve as an excellent source to save all documents and work. Later, this can all be accessed and edited by the teacher and/or students.

First of all, I have to say that I really love this tool. I feel that Tripod has been a success for me. It is easy to build your web site and share with the entire world. Although there is no rating, I would have to give Tripod a 5 out of 5 rating. I feel that this tool has helped me with my learning and I can definitely incorporate this website in my lesson planning. I would probably require that my students create an educational website as part of a big final project for my future class. Tripod incorporates all aspects of technology in the classroom and it would be a good source to teach with.

Alex Hoya said...

Yahoo Briefcase
Another free online tool provided for everyone who has internet access that allows one to keep files without having to worry about keeping them in their possession at all times. No paper nor pen needed and no file cabinets necessary. All you need is a computer and an ISP and you will have a tool that will keep your files accessible anywhere at anytime. Maybe the only downfall is the 5.0 mb limit that is allowed for every single file you upload for storage and because its free, total storage capacity is only 30mb. Nevertheless, it is still a viable tool which we can all take advantage of.

This internet device is a very useful tool allowing you to keep all web related sites that you wish to access later.All you need is a few clicks and the website's URL. Again, the need for a pen and a notebook to keep track of any website that you would want to access is no longer necessary. All you have to do is copy, paste and store the URL information on your account which you can easily access anywhere. This is an excellent tool for both teachers and students who are constantly doing research works for educational advancement. I am grateful that taking ED 451 class introduced me to all of these free and very useful tools. It makes our learning experience more interesting, fun, efficient and at times even challenging. This technology available for us should be exploited to our advantage.

Alex Hoya said...

I never thought that there would come a time that I would be able create my own website.Tripod made that all possible.Educators and students alike will benefit(including those who are less skillful when doing computer applications) because now, they can create,design, and publish their own websites.This website has easy to follow instructions and anyone who uses it will definitely appreciate the many features it offers.This is a tool that brought academic-related technology to a whole new level. Tripod is a tool which I would incorporate in my curriculum. Art requires skills in designing and this site will assist me and my students to practice and further develop our designing skills.

RaeAnn Ogo said...

These online utilities iKeepbookmarks, Yahoo Briefcase, and Tripod are user friendly. I could combine all utilities for a lesson unit, using tripod to create a webQuest. I could have my students access and use Yahoo Briefcase that stores files, and iKeepbookmarks that stores links which my students will upload their files and links to tripod. These utilities are helpful and convenient for everyone who has favorite or important links and files, because they can be accessed anywhere.

Christine Joy Borja said...

Ikeepbookmarks assessment:
I felt some initial hesitancy when first using Ikeepbookmarks. Usually, I would just save the url to a Word document and be done with it. However Ikeepbookmarks has turned out to be a convenient and nifty website link organizer. That there is a space asking for notes on the linked webpage forces me to think about the value of the site to my research and helps me to later distinguish one link from another. With the amount of research I’ll probably be requiring of my students, this should be helpful for them as well. Also because the links are stored online, they can be accessed elsewhere and shared without the use of thumbdrive.

Yahoo! Briefcase assessment:
Yahoo! Briefcase can be extremely helpful for those students who cannot afford or who have no access to flash drives or other rewritable storage media—an all too common reality on Guam. It’s a handy alternative and does not carry the stigma or potential compatibility difficulties of a floppy disk.

Tripod assessment:
The Tripod webpage building help system is intuitively laid out. There is enough personalization available for those just starting out. For students, it can be an easy way to post their hard work online and show the import or to highlight their efforts for them. Having one’s own webspace can be a heady feeling—one’s staked claim on the vast frontiers of the Internet.

Jenn Duenas said...

iKeepbookmarks is wonderful for anyone to use so that they can store links to sites that they find useful. When it came time to researching information for a term paper, I would have trouble with remembering what site I visited. Now, because of iKeepbookmarks, I have no such problems. I simply have to copy and paste the url into my iKeepbookmarks, add a little description of the site if necessary, and I’m done. I also do not have any excuses of forgetting what site I needed to use my research paper. If my students had to access a variety of sites throughout the course of a semester, I would have them store their links here or if they had a Yahoo account, I would have them use Yahoo Bookmarks, which for me is more accessible since I have a Yahoo toolbar.

Tripod would be useful if students were creating a website; however, it really is not user friendly and the site is slow even if you are using a wireless connection or something faster than a 56k modem. This tool does have a variety of templates that can come in handy for any website. For me, I never had the opportunity of creating my very own website, but because of Tripod I final had the chance to. I was able to showcase my hard work that was done for my ED451 class and instead of having to print out all my assignments and present the hard copies to my future boss, all I would have to do is give them my url and they would be able to view my work.

Yahoo Briefcase
Yahoo Briefcace is excellent for storing information that you want to access without the use of a storage device (thumb drive, cd, laptop etc.) There are times when student will say that they forget their homework at home or that they did not have access to a printer and did not have their thumb drive with them to save their file. With the use of Yahoo Briefcase, excuses like the ones mentioned earlier will not be acceptable. This, for sure, will be implemented into my classroom.

Shirleen Cruz said...

I wish I had known about iKeepBookmarks before I signed up for (another bookmark keeping site). Although the site is plain looking in every aspect, it allows more room for organization than iKeepBookmarks would be ideal to use in the classroom setting when a teacher wants to share online resources with his/her students and colleagues.

Yahoo! Briefcase
I’ve had my Yahoo! Account for about four years now, and I’ve always wondered how Briefcase worked. After using it, however, I did not feel compelled to upload anything else on it. Briefcase is an okay tool to use, and it would be ideal if I wanted to share documents with others, but I would rather upload and share my documents through Gmail instead.

I’ve created websites before using other services, but this was my first time using Tripod. Navigating around the site was slightly confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. Site Builder was very easy to use, and I actually liked all the features that Tripod had, from the pre-made layouts to the site add-ons. I would recommend Tripod for people creating web pages for the first time, and I would probably try to have my students use it at least once to build a website, just for the sake of gaining experience.

Marvey Elias said...

Part #3- Comments regarding iKeepbookmarks, Tripod, and Yahoo Briefcase

iKeepbookmarks is another technological tool that teachers and students can use. This site enables learners to create their own folders which consist of things like usernames, passwords, websites, and other documents that you believe are important to you. By using this tool, you don’t have to go back to your home searching for where you wrote your passwords. You can access this site on computers that are hooked up to the internet at anytime and anywhere. It is really a helpful site because if you happen to forget your username and password for any of your accounts like for example, yahoo, you can just open up your folders on iKeepbookmarks and find it again.

It is a technology tool where both teachers and students can sign up for and create their own web sites. This tool allows you to create different pages regarding your web page. You can also upload pictures and put it in your web page. Above all, your website will be on the internet for a long time. All you need is to remember your URL to access your page.

Yahoo Briefcase
Yahoo briefcase is another technology tool where you can import and upload files to the web. You can store different items by creating different folders in Yahoo Briefcase and access it wherever a computer has access to the internet. You can also share your files with friends and family on Yahoo Briefcase

David M.H. Mantanona said...

Part # 3: Online Utilities
It’s a web-based bookmarks manager, allows you to upload and keep your bookmarks on the web. Then you can access your favorite’s links at any time, from any computer... anywhere! This includes Share, exchange links with your friends, students, colleagues. Search engine for searching other's public favorites, popup feature, 5 different languages, free service, and membership benefits.
Tripod on Lycos, established in 1994, is one of the leading personal publishing communities on the Web. Tripod makes it easy for members to create their own blogs, web sites, get a web address (domain) and start publishing online.
Advantages Lots of web space, Add-ons, & Good forums. Tripod easily tops the list of the best free webdomains. You don't even have to know the codes html and javascript as it has its own web builder. But if you are more advanced you can use the script editor and file manager.
One thing that makes this site good for web hosting is all the things it offers you to have on your website. For example you can make money have a guestbook, form mailer and chat room. You can also have more. Another than website making tripod is also a bigger site for other things like search engines a virtual calendar and also extra features you will find on the website.
So I recommend this website completely if you want a great website as it is the easiest and has the best add-ons for use. Also your domain isn't that bad as it only has tripod wrote in it and the banner on the website isn't that big and annoying like on geocities as it pops up and e-plugs. Don't use e-plugs it always goes wrong if you have frames on your website!!! So join tripod believe me it is the best!!!
Disadvantages Lots of downtime, FTP often unavailable, NO support whatsoever
I signed up for Tripod last year as a complete web newbie. Tripod was friendly, easy to use, and was just generally a really good place to have a website. Then tragedy struck - Lycos took over. Words cannot do justice to the horror of Lycos Tripod.
Random downtime with no warning or explanation and random denial of FTP access were the first signs of trouble. I thought it was just my problem - then I went and had a look at the help forums and saw that everyone else had the same problem. Support? Forget it. Apart from the odd (usually sarcastic) comment from a moderator in the forums, not a whisper from Lycos.
Thinking that Lycos were trying to run down the free service to get people to sign up for their paid hosting, I was considering forking out for it. Luckily I checked the forums again first - and found loads of posts from people who had paid, had problems, and couldn't get a reply from the "dedicated email support" only available to paying customers!
Fundamentally Lycos Tripod does not seem to understand that
a) if people have paid for a service, they expect to receive it;
b) having experienced the free "service", why would anyone PAY?!
Yahoo Briefcase
If you go into Google search engine and type in Yahoo Briefcase and then press I feel lucky, you will be taken automatically into the page where you can sign up for a briefcase of your own. This is a place where you can store things and share things with friends.
Anyone can sign up for an account and the instructions on the page are clear to follow. You simply sign up and away you go. There is a section where you can add files from your computer and it browses until you find what it is that you want to put there, and then it uploads the files onto the net and they are safe in your briefcase to pass to a friend.
There is limited storage capacity so be careful not to send files that exceed this, or it will not accept them. A free account which of course we all like gives you 30 megabites of space, but remembers when you have given your friends the files, you can always take out the ones you have transferred and put more in there.
Your files in Yahoo briefcase can be accessed from anywhere, so it is useful for putting important letters that you want to access from another computer as well. I have used it for this when I was on holiday.

Sherri Perez said...

iKeepBookmarks is a personal bank for all your “favorites.” WebPages/websites that you wish to mark or remember (as in using post-its to tab pages in a book) are kept here. It’s pretty good because it’s kept online, keeping your computer’s memory free from storing them as with Internet Explorer’s “add to favorites,” which occupies space each time a page/site is stored/saved. You are also able to organize your bookmarks by categories or through folders. I’d already have all websites “bookmarked” on the computer at the beginning of the year, so that as each activity/assignment is given, students would already have a guide to start them off.
Tripod is an extremely user-friendly tool for creating personal websites, online albums, and more. You don’t need to be an expert in HTML codes, in layout graphics, etc. because it provides various/multiple options to construct for you. You are able to upload many files at once, use HTML codes, create multiple sites/albums/pages, insert interactive features (i.e. an IM/chat-like option and guest book), choose whatever layout/view to be seen, and much more. Tripod is a great way to promote and enhance student creativity. My students would be exposed to this tool as being one of their options for developing any/all projects and assignments so to share with the class and their parents.
Yahoo! Briefcase is one of the perfect ways one can keep/store his/her files, pictures, documents, etc. It can serve as the main location for keeping your things or as a backup place for them—just in case your computer is fried/crashes and/or you lose your laptop or flash drive. The only disadvantage is the number of files possible to upload online; only one file can be uploaded at a time, which makes this process extremely tedious and time-consuming when you already have many files on your computer/flash drive and want to back them up. This is something I will most definitely require my students to do for all their assignments. This way they can view them wherever there is a computer with Internet access.

judy naz said...

iKeepBookmarks can be used to store all your favorite (or important) links. People can also leave notes about the links, and the links also have a small gif “new” if they haven’t been accessed yet. I thought this was a godsend because there have been many times I had to keep looking for my favorites every time my computer was re-formatted. The tool can be a hassle if you have a slow connection or if you’re not used to using a site to store your favorites. It also times out probably every 10 to 15 minutes, so if you’re engrossed in a project and just need one link, you might have to log-in again to access it.

Yahoo Briefcase
I read earlier that you cannot store multimedia on Yahoo Briefcase, but you can as long as it’s below 5MB. The storage space (30MB) is more than enough for papers, powerpoint presentations, and pictures. However, it’s not enough for multimedia since you can only store about 6 songs that are about 5MB each.

Tripod is a big help if people are making websites for the first time, but it takes a really long time to load pages even on a DSL connection. The “site builder” tool is not as user-friendly when using Firefox compared to IE7 when it comes to editing pages. Other multimedia can be uploaded and used on the website; however for beginners, you have to upload a picture directly to your site in order to use it. This can easily take up memory on your account. I haven’t tried the “html editor” yet, but more than likely you can use images stored on Photobucket on your site.

cherese angoco said...

ikeepbookmarks is such a resourceful tool that enables students to keep important or favorite websites marked for future use. With ikeepbookmarks, students are able to save time and effort in trying to locate a website. Ikeepbookmarks leads you directly to where you want to go, with just one click of a button. It is extremely useful, for computer-illiterate people such as myself. Thank you Dr. Cyrus!

Yahoo! Briefcase:
This is another helpful tool that can be used by anyone. I love how Yahoo! Briefcase allows anyone of it’s users to upload files and access or retrieve them, just about anywhere. It is truly a cost efficient tool that does not require students to go out and buy a storage memory device.

Although I have such a rough time using technology, I have found that Tripod has been very useful. I could not imagine creating a Web Quest, let alone, an E-Portfolio; however, with step-by-step directions and clearly labeled task buttons, Tripod enables me to create my web-sites with little difficulty.

Christian Gomez said...

In a technologically centered class, iKeepBookmarks can be used to keep track of web pages that act as supplements to lessons or their research. Students would be required to save the supplemental web pages (that coincide with the particular lesson covererd), so in case they need to review, students can refer to the website at a later time. These supplemental web pages will coincide with the particular topic I would be teaching in class.

Because students will be required to use a computer to type reports out, they will be required to sign up for a Yahoo!Briefcase account. Not all students have a reliable source of computer at their house, nor do they have enough money to buy a computer saving device (such as a thumb drive or blank CD). With Yahoo!Briefcase, students are able to save documents on any computer that has access to the internet. In addition, they can access it anywhere, too—given if the computer has access to the internet—and the best thing is that there would be no excuse of “I lost my homework.”

Tripod would be useful in the classroom to have groups of students to create a webpage for certain assignments, such as a tribute to a certain contributors to literature like William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, etc. With the websites, students can provide various features of their chosen literary author. Students can also use the website for a presentation that they would like to publish for their classmates to see.

vina johnson said...

Part #3
What an ingenious way to organize, access and share my favorite pages and sites to friends, colleagues and soon to my students. Now I have all the sites I want to keep stored in a place where I can access it anywhere and whenever I need it as long as there’s internet connection. I think it’s simple enough to use that even lower elementary kids can use it. I think it’s a great tool to use for classroom instruction. Teacher and students can share and collaborate on sites for lessons, assignments and projects. It saves valuable time. It certainly is an indispensable tool for me in getting my things a little organized.

Wow. It never ever crossed my mind before that I will be able to build my own website, ever. And publish my work on the web. It seemed a daunting task in the beginning but it was not really as difficult as I thought it would be. It was actually quite easy. All the help and support I need with the direction of Dr. Cyrus are all there. It’s a wonderful technology tool that I can use with my future students that will engage them in active learning that promotes their creativity and higher-order thinking. And it’s free.

Yahoo Briefcase
Could it get any better than this? I mean, really. Now I have another way of storing my work, my documents, photos, vital information, like handle names and passwords, and organize it in multiple folders. This is accessed online so very user friendly to import and view my data. I can even share my folders with others if I want. I use it as back-up storage for my files and it’s comforting to know I have easy access to it anywhere and anytime. And that I don’t have to have my thumb drive with me at all times. Again, a great technology tool to use in the classroom for my students to store and share their assignments and work,and import it online. Free their minds from the clutter.

Kerrie said...

Yahoo Briefcase and Ikeepbookmarks

Using Yahoo Briefcase and ikeepbookmarkscase was very accommodating and interesting. I found that using this free based technology allowed me to store data that I could access at any location where internet accessibility was available. It also allowed me to store information that will be useful for future reference.


Using tripod was interesting and very user friendly. I found that in using this site it allowed me to be creative and resourceful. Overall this site allowed me to be open and experience my creative technology application.

georgette said...

Yahoo Briefecase prevents everyone from searching different various sites every single time you are searching for something. It is helps us get organize and saves us time.

The tripod is awesome comparing it from front page. Tripod is very easy in creating web pages, it helped me a lot. I love it and plan on using on my own. Thanks Dr. Cyrus for introducing Tripod to us.

ikeep bookmarks is very helpful too. It saves us so much time and keeps us in relief that what we saved is there and always be.

Sheryl San Miguel said...

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This tool is very good for students to have access to a project such as a WebQuest. The students would not have to constantly be asking the students about what needs to be done. Everything would be on the WebQuest and the students could also get the information without having to wait for the next school day to ask the teacher. It is also a good way for students to showcase their work.

This tool is very convenient for students and teachers. You can upload your assignments and have access to them from anywhere. Students and teachers could also be more organized with this tool because you can put your work in folders.

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As a web-based utility, iKeepbookmarks is the place where to store bookmark and links online. For students it is a great resource for the practicality of accessibility of critical information. Mostly students use more than one computer and bookmarks of each are different, so with iKeepbookmarks students can access their favorites or research link at home and at school. Likewise if a user uses more than one browser, each browser likely has a different set of bookmarks, again, it eliminates the need for updating bookmarks in several places, or in the case of a broken harddrive, stops hard work of accumulating bookmarks over the years from becoming undone. It is a real timesaver so as an online utility it answers the call and meets the demand of the user populace outranking the other bookmark services in the browsers, because of its’ location, hence availability. Again, I would create an account and share the access with the students to allow for group (work) compilations on specific research topics and the collection of the pertinent bookmarks in one place, to be accessed by anyone attending my class.

Tripod provides a utility, service in which anyone can build a website for their purpose and customize the design, publish it one day and take it down anytime. For teachers it is a way to format information that students can access at home, enabling exposure to subject matter on their own time. The site at Tripod also provides a blog opportunity, enhancing communication between parties. It is most useful for teachers though in a pedagogical sense. Because the site allows for anyone at any age to attempt to explore the process of building a website it enhances learning through its use and can be grasped by even young people, 5th and 6th graders, or even 4rth. I would make a site pertaining to the material to be taught and post lectures regularly as we progress through a quarter.

stefan thomas said...

Yahoo Briefcase another utility and is a premier way a user can manage files and information on the internet, and store uploaded files and completed work for later use. For students and teachers it has the feature of not letting files get lost when a drive burns. In today’s day and age, again, students don’t always use the same computer and with Briefcase they are able to access their works in progress or not on the internet, enabling users to save time by being able to work from any location, and anything that save time nowadays is mostly welcomed. I would share my password with my students and utilize it as a platform for homework assistance outside of classroom sessions.

Libresiha SanNicolas said...

The iKeepbookmarks was good to store favorite or frequently visited sites. This was good to use if there was a site that had to be accessed again.
The Yahoo Briefcase is good to use for storage of files. The files then can be accessed again at any time with internet connection. It is good to use if one can not afford a flash drive. I wish that I had know about sooner.
The Tripod, on the other hand was something that I toyed around with to get the feel of it. I find it easy to use. It is a good site to produce websites. With it, I was able to produce a web quest and an e portfolio. I would use it to have the children do assignments involving the use of the internet for research. They could publish their assignments or projects for all to see.

Antoinette Arriola said...

Tripod (5 out of 5)
Tripod provides an innovative way of designing your very own website whether it is for personal or educational purposes. For my ED-451-03 Audio Visual class we are using tripod to build or create an online Web Quest and e-Portfolio. The Web Quest will feature the ED-451-03 class online lesson plan and e-portfolio. The Tripod web blog/weblog can an effective tool for those who would like to advertise their business or become personal and create a website all about me.

Yahoo Briefcase (5 out of 5)
The Yahoo Briefcase can be a life saver because it allows you to save important documents online which can be retrieved later. It can be easily accessible so that teachers and students may be able to view their work documents from anywhere in the world. It is an effective tool to have and to use for educational purposes. It is a worry free tool when traveling because it allows you to give your presentation from anywhere in the world.

Ikeepbookmarks (5 out of 5)
Teachers and students may save their favorite URL’s for their favorite website onto ikeepbookmarks. The URL’S can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The ikeepbookmarks makes your life more convenient by always having important websites readily available. The ikeepbookmark was designed to eliminate the worries of losing the information or forgetting the website needed for future references.

Kone Akenus said...


ikeepbookmark is helpful and useful for both teachers and students. Both teacher and students can use ikeepbookmarks to store their important sites and create link to store in their bookmarks on the internet.
As a technology instructor, I think that it is important to teach the students to use this ikeepbookmarks website so they may store something they found on the internet that important to their lesson/topic so when they were out of class or wherever they were, and they could access to it using another or different computer.
Students can bookmarks any sites that they need/want to keep in their ikeepbookmarks or what ask to store from the teacher. Students may learn how to value/safe important information on the net and learn how to memorize access information such as password and username.

Yahoo Briefcase:
Yahoo Briefcase is a briefcase that is very easy to navigate and use. This program is easy to use/navigate without difficulty. This program can help you to store your file by putting it in this briefcase on the net.
I think it is important for teacher to introduce it to students so they can use to keep their file on the internet and access it easily using different computers. Anywhere and Anytime! Using technology, yahoo briefcase is a technology that could be recommended for students to use to keep their work/file on the net as a technology instructor.

- leading publishing communities on the Web
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Rating is 4.10
As a technology teacher candidate, I would like to introduce this to the students to learn so they may be able to use to create their own site. They can give the teacher their URL so the teacher can look at their site just like what we are doing in class. Students don’t have any comments site/page from the teacher regarding their website they created.

Vivian said...

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Tripod is a website that provides free membership and a lot of free space upon signing up. Tripod is user friendly and great for students to use to showcase assignments such as an ePortfolio.

Yahoo Briefcase
Yahoo Briefcase is great place in which you can save your passwords to any important sites. Yahoo Briefcase also allows you to save documents and spreadsheets so that you can access them when you are not at home or do not have your laptop. Yahoo Briefcase is user friendly and is for students of all ages.

Kristine Marquez said...

iKEEPBOOKMARKS- iKEEPBOOKMARKS is a very good technology tool! It saved me a lot while doing research. It’s better than just using “favorites” because you can actually access your saved web pages anywhere in the world, with any computer! It can be used by teachers and students! You can also organize your favorite websites in folders!

Yahoo Briefcase- Yahoo Briefcase is very useful, especially if you don’t have a flash drive or floppy disk. You can use this tool as a backup when saving your files. You can also access it anytime, anywhere. Yahoo Briefcase also allows you to edit your files and share your files; it is very easy to use. Students and teachers should use Yahoo Briefcase and not totally rely on their flash drives or floppy disks.

Tripod-Tripod is a useful tool when creating your webpage because it is easy to use. It also provides some clipart for you. There’s not enough space to put too much pictures though. Students and teachers can use this to create and share their web pages with their classmates, colleagues, and the world!

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Technology Tools Part #3 Online Utilities.
I currently still utilize this online utility because it saves some space on my hard drive and flash drive. This online utility is used for storing user names and passwords. I will recommend this to all students who can or can not afford or have a computer at home or is access able to one but in the classroom.
Is a great utility site that can be accessed from anywhere and you can store files, retrieve and edit? This online utility saves space on hard drive and flash drive. I will recommend this to all students so that they have the opportunity to save and retrieve files without having to worry about losing their flash drive or loosing their work on their hard drive because of a dreadful circumstance.
This online utility is great. I can do the following: create my own web site, resume, e-portfolio, presentation, business use, organization use, ECT… Wow… ! You can update and publish your site for people to see. They only way people can see your web site faster is by providing your URL address. I will recommend this to all students especially to present their topics.

Pilar Millan said...

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When I first heard that I was going to make a web site, I panicked. At the time, I had no clue on how I could possibly create a web site. Then, Dr. Cyrus introduced us to Tripod and showed me and my fellow classmates how easy it was to create our very own web site with Tripod. It takes plenty of planning to put a site together but this task is not impossible with Tripod and Dr. Cyrus’ assistance.

darlene quichocho said...

iKeepbookmarks is yet another technology tool that’s above the rest in its category. iKeepbookmarks is a great tool for both teacher and student, among its benefits are: free accounts, you are able to upload and utilize your bookmarks anywhere, anytime and from any computer – which sets this apart from the others and the ability to maintain and manage all of your links from different browsers in one account.

I thoroughly enjoyed using which assisted me in the creating of two of my websites, among the many features that offers, I particularly appreciated these features: 20 megabytes of free web hosting service, free domain names, web and POP/IMAP email: free, free and free are features that every teacher and student can truly appreciate.

Yahoo Briefcase is again another great technology tool for both teacher and student. The briefcase is almost like a flash/thumb drive where the user can store digital/electronic files and photos online and then access them from any computer – for free provided you have a Yahoo account. It’s like an electronic briefcase.

marisa lansang said...

iKeepbookmarks: “ikeepbookmarks” is an excellent way to compile and organize the important websites. It will be quicker and easier to access.

Tripod: I like this web site because I was able to learn how to create a web quest and an electronic portfolio. It is also a useful tool to help students compile and present their work.

Yahoo Briefcase: I honestly think it is necessary to subscribe to Yahoo Briefcase because it keeps important documents online which provides a world wide access. It is much easier to access because you don’t need to worry about carrying a flash drive. It another excellent option in saving files.

Begonia Tewid said...


• It is easy to access, allows the user the convenience or accessing information anywhere at anytime.

• A convenient tool to use to save files, records, search engines, favorite websites, inspiring quotes, etc.

Yahoo Briefcase:

• An efficient tool to use to keep files, information about your assignments, evaluation records for your classes at UOG, or any records that you might want to save for later use.

• I used Yahoo Briefcase to save group discussions in my Ed. 451 class.


Tripod is a very efficient and effective tool to use to create a website. When I used the tripod to create my website, I found that the tools to use are very easy to access, self explanatory, and convenient. It gives various tools and techniques to create a website that you do not need to browse any where to access or use tools from other sites.

Carol Castro said...

Ikeepbookmarks is a free online Website that can hold links to different websites for your future reference. It serves as a great area to bookmark websites that you may wan to visit later. It also works as a bookmark as you are browsing for information and want to review sites at a later time, just so you do not lose the Website or have to write it down. This is a very efficient and free online tool that just about anyone can utilize.

Tripod is a free online web page maker. It’s moderately easy to use. Students can choose from hundreds of pre-designed layouts or customize their own to create their very own web page in whichever content area they choose. Unlike other sites, Tripod has minimal advertising banners so visitors will not be very distracted.

Yahoo Briefcase serves as a mini online storage center. It does not allow too much memory therefore the size of the documents or materials uploaded have to be under the maximum file size allowed, other than that students can use this as method of storing and retrieving data online without carrying around their thumb drive or diskettes.

Crystal said...


College students often find themselves at home wondering, “I wish I knew what I grade I earned on that last assignment!” Gone are the days of the aforementioned statement! Moodle is an excellent indicator that this world (and the society) is definitely moving in a forward direction. Moodle was a brilliant way for students to: (1) learn how to access information via the internet and familiarize ourselves with our computer usage (2) for students to learn that classroom management doesn’t only occur in a physical manner (3) we learn responsibility for keep abreast with assignments, grades, etc. It was an amazing tool and any tech-savvy teacher would thoroughly enjoy it.

Pre-ED451, I relied on the computer’s memory to save all my websites. I racked my brain trying to recall the key term I entered in the search engine box and see what the results were. Now, I use ikeepbookmarks for virtually everything imaginable. It allows be to take a quick glance at a website, bookmark if I’d like, and move on. The attraction was that it allowed those bookmarks to be organized in folders! I thought that was phenomenal.


The web browser, Mozilla Firefox, was not my cup of tea. Perhaps I never gave it the benefit of the doubt because I only used it at school and that was rare. I found it to be rather slow, and not easily navigable. But for the time that I did use this tool, it accomplished majority of my requests. I wouldn’t recommend it to other users.


This was a wonderful tool for teacher candidates to “get their feet wet!” Tripod is a free web page publisher and it is simply great! I was able to create my 1st Web Quest and my E-Portfolio using Tripod. In today’s world, if you’re not online and up to par with technology, you’ll be left being. Tripod works to ensure you don’t get left behind and don’t swing out of the loop. For teachers, this is a great way to get your students accustomed to the internet, an opportunity to generate AND showcase their work, and learn the basics of web page building.

Yahoo Briefcase:

Yahoo Briefcase works great as a backup to your trusty flash drive. The only disadvantage I saw from Yahoo Briefcase was the limited amount of space you were allotted. I used it several times just to get used to using it and allowing for a backup in case in lost or misplaced my flash drive.

Christine Losbanes said... is a wonderful site that I have been turned on to. I find that it’s a great site to use aside from the “favorites” icon on the PC. The main reason behind me using this site on a daily basis is that it’s convenient to use on different PCs—as long as there’s internet service, the sites can be accessible. The site also comes in handy for web-based projects in the sense that you keep track of the specific pages that need to be saved.

Tripod: Tripod was a great site to use for creating web pages. I found that the site had user friendly options. The downfalls to the site were that one would have to be computer literate and html-knowledgeable to actually do what you want to do with the site in regards to adding multimedia and personalized layouts, and the other downfall is that the site doesn’t upload certain layouts and fonts on certain browsers such as FireFox, and that space is very limited so one would have to be very savvy when it comes to deciding what to put your site. It’s also free and you can open up as many sites as you can to accommodate the many web experiences.

Yahoo Briefcase: I personally don’t put any of my personal documents online; therefore, I’m still having a hard time adjusting to using this site. Although I have been introduced to the site, I’m still a bit skeptical about the site and the events that may happen if someone were to hack into the Yahoo site. I’m sure the site has a lot to offer in regards to offering a storage site online for personal document retrieval for anyone wishes to locates their files anywhere from any computer site.

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