Sunday, November 19

FREE Technology Tool - Stickam


This might be a FREE technology tool worth testing for classroom use. The Stickam website offers the following introductory information:

"Stickam™ allows you to easily place streaming video, slide show, music, and live video chat on your blog and/or web site. With Stickam™, you can instantly play your videos online using just your web browser. There is no software to download, you just copy and paste the Stickam™ Code into your web site or blog where you want it. Your video can be viewed by virtually anyone with no software to install and will play on any operating system including Linux, Windows and Mac".


Bryce O'Connor said...

This seems to have a cool software to be able to have video clips on a blog. I think I just might check that out. Try to do that on my blog.

vina johnson said...

That does sound easy to do, huh? I especially like the "no software download" part. I'll make sure to keep and remember that important piece of information. I'm sure it'll be handy soon enough.

David M.H. Mantanona said...

Stickam lets you do a live video chat with site visitors. The service is miles ahead of competition in terms of features and customization options. You can add your own skins, profile picture or even change the background color. Other than text chat, Stickam lets you share videos, photos, music within the player.

It is a very popular IM services that let you embed live chat window plugins in your web pages or blog. So you can either chat with people while they are on your site or even the site visitors can chat among themselves.

Now since these blog chat addons are done in Macromedia Flash, visitors need not download or install anything in order to get started. As soon as they open your blog in any web browser, they are ready to converse with either you or other blog readers.

Why should I embed Live chat in my blog ?

Here are some reasons:

» It could be a great opportunity to get instant feedback about your blog from site visitors. A lot of your site fans may want to send you comments but they are sometimes too lazy to write you an email or even dropping a line in the comment section. But with these services, the visitor can start a conversation with you by simply typing in the text area - they can even choose to remain anonymous.

It supplies users with a free line of HTML code that lets them incorporate video in their personal pages, but it focuses on live video. At the site, you can view all kinds of webcam content, and the cut-and-paste HTML code makes it simple to have the webcam applications on, say, your MySpace page.

The Stickam player is an all in one media/communications widget. It plays videos, music and photos. In addition, you can use it to video and text chat.

Antoinette Arriola said...

Stickam (5 out of 5)
Stickam can be an effective tool that you may be able to use for a blog, website, My Space, or People From Guam. My space features slide show or slide picture show where my space website owners can display their family photos. Stickam is as easy as one, two, three, where you copy the URL and paste onto your website blog/weblog. Stickam is an effective way of adding music and streaming videos onto your weblog.

marisa lansang said...

Stickam is a useful tool to have in a classroom to show students educational video or slide show. I like this website because you do not need to download to view the video.