Sunday, August 3

BLOGs for Technology and Education

I have found several excellent BLOGs that concern teaching with technology. I have listed them below in no particular order.

Tech Bytes
Chalk Dust
iLearn Technology
Craig’s TechTalk BLOG

21st Century Collaborative

E-Learning Journeys
Classroom 2.0
Tech Ruminations
Miguel's BlogRoll

You might wish to add these sites to your '' list, ed links, or your blogroll.


Patrick Higgins said...

Thanks for including me in your list. If you repost this list or add to it, you should add Kevin Jarrett's blog to it at He always does a great job of providing useful tools and lesson ideas for teachers. Also, one of my new favorites is Liz Kolb's "From Toy to Tool," at

Best of luck!

Jacqui Cyrus said...

Hi Patrick:
You are quite kind to leave me a comment. As you suggested, I will access the sites you recommend and add them to my list.

Thank you for responding.


Kelly said...

I appreciate your mentioning me in your list of blogs for technology and education!
<>< Blessings,
Kelly Tenkely