Thursday, August 7

Custom Search Engines

When I question my students on the first or second day of class about search engines, I usually ask: “Raise your hand if you use a search engine…” I make a dramatic pause “ … other than Google and Yahoo.” In 4 years of asking this question, I never have experienced more than 2 students in any class who have ventured any further than these 2 search giants; and these brave souls usually have only ventured as far as Dogpile.

There are many reasons to try other search engines, but see if you can come up with your own. Here is a short list of 5 search engines with which to get started.

1) Giga Blast

"We've been around since 2000, and we launched the first version of our search in 2002. We quickly became known as a highly-efficient search engine with both broad and deep coverage of the growing Internet.”

2) Ms Freckles

"From the UK, provides an easy way to make professional searches for the ordinary Internet user. It also offers translation of a text, calculator, superfilter, blogsearch and more. The site is available in English, Swedish and Chinese (simplified).”

3) Kart00

“KartOO is a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces. When you click on OK, KartOO launches the query to a set of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and represents them in a series of interactive maps.“

4) Glimpsy

Type your request (e.g. buy books) and click to Find. You can begin with the phrase: I want to...

5) Custom Search Engine

The directory of Google Custom Search Engines (CSE).


Lolita said...

Wonderful search engines Dr. Cyrus. I like Ms. Freckles the most it uses features from Google which is a lot easier to use. Just drop, drag and click. The Kart00 search engine presents its results on a map which is kind of cool. I've found a new search engine which personalizes your results according to your interest.

Jacqui Cyrus said...

I have accessed the search engine your suggested and I really like it. I looked for content in my interest areas, integrating technology and assistive technology, and found many, many useful sites.

Thanks for the information.


Laura said...

Hello Dr. Cyrus,

I did a "search" on search engines and found a great one for education resources, Have you seen it? It has a great directory for various classroom subjects and education in general.


Heather said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,

I checked out the search engines that were posted on the "edublog". I wasn't a fan of MsDewey. It was entertaining, but the search results weren't as detailed or clear as i liked. It took me a second to figure out how to scroll up/down on the results.

ChaCha would be something I would use frequently in the States. The idea of a conversational and mobile-friendly search engine really appeals to me.

FactBites was OK. I liked the fact, but it doesn't really give the user an clear idea of what the results hold on the actual webpages.

Mamma was my favorite out of the 5 posted. It was easy to use, and the results seemed to be legitimate websites (and wikipedia was not the first result to pop up).

Jeff Wheatley said...

Dr. Cyrus

I used the a few of the search engines that you requested. The one I liked the most was the dogpile search engine. I think it gave a bit more information than some of the other sites, and the information appeared to be more reliable. The custom search engine site was also a good one. It seemed to allow for a more detailed search. I didn't really like the cha cha search engine. It took me a few minutes to figure it out and it just didn't seem as user friendly as some of the other search engines. I also thought Ms. Dewey wasn't that great. The video effects were nice but it wasn't very user friendly.

Stephen said...

GIGABLAST impressed me with speed. I think I may use this at times. On your word document list of search engines I remember I use to use webcrawler. Never hurts to look at other options when I have time. I have more assignments to go. I cut and pasted all the search engine info to two separate thumb drive for safety but I should also use the online storage that I set up with your direction.

Kit Kat said...

Thanks for the search engines, Dr. Cyrus. I preferred Ms. Freckles overall; however, Kart00's design was appealing.

Open Minds said...

Hey Dr. Cyrus, I really enjoyed exploring "Kartoo" as a search engine. I think "Kartoo" is going to be one of my favorite search engines to explore now because of all the great features that it displays.

Robelyn said...

Hi Dr. Cyrus,
I really enjoyed Ms. Freckles because it really narrows down what i am searching for. I was a bit confused with Kart00 but it was nice.
Thank you.

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