Tuesday, August 5

Online Community Memberships

Memberships in online communities can be extremely valuable for those who teach with technology. One such interaction for me is the Ning community of 'My Learning Space.' One has the opportunity to communicate with others from such distant places as Brazil, South Africa, France and Australia -- a treat from one who makes her living teaching on the gorgeous island of Guam.

View my page on My Learning Space


Welcome to Lois' Blog said...

Dr. Cyrus,
Was exploring our AAT moodle and read your profile and was curious about you being a member of My Leaning Space. It looked very interesting and the fact that one can communicate with other from all over. So I signed up and joing the classroom group. Thank you for sharing. Lois

Welcome to Lois' Blog said...

Dr. Cyrus,
OOPS! Sorry spelling errors on Learning, others and joined. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

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